Christmas Tree Nail Tutorial

Hi there, as this is my first blog here I thought I'd do something easy and fun! So I've condensed these cute Christmas nails down to just a few steps for everyone!! :)

First off you need to pick some light background colours. I chose some pastel colours here. You need to put only a very thin layer on of this otherwise the colour will be too thick and your cute little pictures will crack and chip.
You will also need green, black and then at least two other Christmas colours of your choosing, as well as a bobby pin(to draw on detail - DIY is easy at home! ;P)

To make your tree nail: After you have applied your base coat and allowed it to dry, take your green polish and draw a large triangle almost the full width of the nail, but half a few mm from the base. Now connect a smaller triangle on top of this one. You've just made a simple xmas tree! This is were you'll need your bobby pin now. Bend the pin open and use it like a paint brush (You can use a tooth pick here, but I find the tip tends to pull off the undercoat). Use the black to draw a little trunk for your tree. Now you can decorate it with your other festive colours!

Now we can move on to your presents! This part is by far the easiest! Paint a little square or rectangle a few mm from the base of the nail. Now use your bobby pin to paint some ribbons ^_^ You can't go wrong!

There you go, quick, easy, colourful!
Now some tips you really DO need to remember, always clean your nails before applying nail polish and always remove later with proper nail polish remover(dont just let it chip away for weeks on end). Try to find a non-harsh remover. I'll post another blog with the ones I use later ;)
Take good care of your nails and they'll always look stunning!!
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